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My name is Lori Anderson-Bowen, and I'm a native Charlestonian and Fine Art Family Portrait Photographer in charming Charleston, SC. I'm a wife who just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to a man who promised to faithfully hold the end of my kite. I’m “Mom” to three amazing kids: two girls who love my camera, and one son who cringes every time he sees it in my hands. Ha!

I love to laugh. Seriously, it's my most favorite thing. And I love to walk into a room and bring peace. Our lives are so chaotic - we could all use a bit more peace in our days. Photo sessions with me are easy, breezy, and relaxed. Hurry is not in my vocabulary, much to Hubby’s dismay.

Some of my loves? Rainbow sprinkles. Earl Grey tea. Warm vanilla sugar candles. Blankets piled high with tons of pillows. My Eno Hammock and a good thick book to read at my leisure. Quiet mornings. Journaling. Naps. Salted Caramel Cupcakes. Oh, and I love deep, thought-provoking quotes.

And I love photography. 

Before “wife" and “mom" and any other hats I wear, I’m first of all an artist. Since childhood it has been my native language. Photography for me has been a natural, loving extension of my heart’s need to create and capture beauty - to create art. 

I love photography because I love light. I study how it bends and moves and changes the subject in front of me. And I know the joy of capturing micro-moments...two eyes meeting, that burst of unplanned laughter, his adorable smirk, her wide-eyed wonder. Every moment has the potential to birth something magical. Those are the moments I look for and embrace. 

I am a story teller. My goal with each photography session is to create a timeless story for generations to enjoy. What story do you want to tell the world? I’d love to explore that answer with you.

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